Gravesco Pottery | Tiny Planter Assortment

Rebecca, the founder of Gravesco Pottery, is a mold-breaker whose work is driven by intentional choices and a love of design that truly functions. Choices like the angle and the curve, the shape of the lip, the way the handle fits your hand, the clay and glaze used. No detail is left to chance. She and her small team of skilled ceramicists understand that those little nuances make a big difference. Gravesco is about handmade pottery and slow living in a hectic world. 

These Tiny Planters are handmade on the potter's wheel using a regional tan clay. Each one varies slightly due to its handmade nature. Those variations are to be celebrated as part of the slow-making movement as they show evidence of the maker's hand.

  • Size | Approximately 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Plants not included
  • Made in Indianapolis, IN
  • Style Code | TINYPLANTER
  • Maker | Gravesco Pottery