Liza's Picks

LizaBright colors + patterns for this gal!

Liza was born + raised in DC (and VA) and has been working at The Phoenix as a Sales Associate for the past 6 months. When she isn't at The Phoenix, she enjoys writing poetry, attending concerts, and spending time near the ocean, + adores animals, including her rescue cat, Sadie!

"These days I'm embracing color and beautiful patterns in my apparel + home aesthetic. I love the vibrant colors and unique patterns of Mirth and the cheerful, bold colors in Hazelmade towels. My home is a mix of vintage + family pieces, and contemporary furnishings + objects. I've always liked mixing old and new. I never leave home without wearing at least three pieces of jewelry. I love the mix of different metals in the Colleen Mauer and Nikki Nation bracelets; these pieces are distinctive + beautiful. I definitely view jewelry as art objects that can elevate any outfit, even the most casual apparel."