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Nash + Jones started with a garden and crafted the first of many products. Owner, Kim Rohwer went back to the earth for naturally grown and harvested ingredients to craft natural and effective solutions; "what we put onto our skin also gets absorbed into the body." What Kim learned about the ingredients she had been using was shocking. Many ingredients are known to be damaging, drying and cancel out the benefits of the good ingredients and yet they are widely used. With so little ingredient regulation, it is easy to be won by creative marketing and confused by buzz words. Nash + Jones chooses to be transparent and simplistic. They want us to have all of the information we need to make an educated decision about what is right for us and our skin. There is absolutely no petroleum, dyes, harmful preservatives, fillers, perfumes or mineral oils.

+ Cruelty-Free   + Responsibly Harvested   + Derived Naturally

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