Neva Opet

Rachael + Team

Rachael (owner, designer + maker) is a self-taught designer and leatherworker. Rachael and team member Kelly, sew and finish each and every item that leaves the studio doors. She aims to bring every person a well-made bag that lasts through the years, and trends. 

Neva Opet pieces are original and crafted by hand in small batches out of Atlanta, GA. Rachael and her team believe in the simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship. The line emphasizes subdued colors and shapes with a minimal and modern aesthetic to produce pieces that can be carried anywhere.

Each item is made to order in-house with quality and sustainability in mind. We use a beautifully rugged oil tan leather, free of a plastic top coating. Due to its natural uncoated nature, this allows our leather to grow in character with age and patina over time.

+ Handmade in Atlanta, GA   + Small-batch (made to order)   + Woman-Owned & Operated


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