Waterbody Founder, Angie Flickinger

Angie Flickinger (Waterbody founder) creates her naturally luscious line of bath + body products in the Alaskan town of Wrangell, where she’s removed from the noise, distraction, and expectations of the world-living in rhythmic union with winds, tides, and waves. In these places Angie comes to intimately know and love both the beauty and utility of the body. This is where she feels intrinsically connected to, restored, and changed by the rhythms, power, and magic of the natural world, and in turn, finds a deep connection to self through the cultivation of simple but sacred daily routines of caring for the body.

Waterbody's wilderness-inspired skin and body care products are formulated with completely natural ingredients to effectively care for, nourish, protect, and restore your skin. Each product we make is infused with active botanicals from organically grown and wild plants sustainably harvested with care. We take to the dense and mossy forest, boggy wet muskegs, and rocky barnacle-studded seashores to source ingredients selected for their skin-restoring benefits and the sensory experience they create through their unique scent and texture. Foraged plants are blended with whole, organic, ingredients to deliver natural, effective, and experiential skincare that is both deeply nourishing for your body and gentle on the Earth.

+ Sustainable Practices   + Socially Responsible   + Hand-Crafted   + Made in Wrangell, AK   + Women-Owned