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As life begins to resemble a small slice of what we once knew, pre-covid- we are, with much care + caution, resuming our in-store events. 
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Opening Reception | Jay Young Gerard

Friday, Sept. 24th  |  5 - 10 PM

Join us for an exclusive showing for local fine artist Jay Young Gerard. Meet the artist and experience her latest collection of  portraits + multi-media collage during the opening reception on Friday, Sept. 24th from 5pm - 10pm. The artist's work will be on display and for purchase during the reception and through the weekend (9/24/21 - 9/26/21), with a limited collection for purchase on our site, here.


Artist's Statement

This show is my response to living in a time when politics are gaspingly, grippingly personal. When the world is suffering in ways we didn’t know could exist in the 21st century, and in ways we were unprepared to face. We are off balance. We are challenged to know what to do, what is true, how to behave. We are being forced to question ourselves. We seek certainty and equanimity. We seek our individual truth as well as the greater good.

Like many of us, I was alone when the world “shut down”. I started drawing faces. When I looked at what I had drawn, I found that each face was a mirror of my feelings: one minute there was fear, the next hope, the next a desire to understand or be helpful. I also realized that this experience, and these feelings, were happening in one way or another to every single person on earth. So when I assigned a name to each portrait, I chose a word in another language that identified the expression on each face. I was no longer alone.