Erica Moody | Coffee Scoop

Erica Moody, a metal fabricator by trade, executes many traditional metalworking and jewelry techniques as she explores designs that share the beauty and history of metalsmithing. Her designs elevate the experience of everyday tasks through aesthetically pleasing designs.

Hand-forged brass handle tapers to meet a copper scoop, riveted together with brass pins.  The scoop size is the standard 2 Tbs. for a coffee scoop and nicely balanced weight.  All marks and colors are natural results of the making.  Please see below for tips on how to care for these naturally raw metal items.

Brasses and coppers will mottle and darken, and both will brighten in acidic foods like tomato and lemon-based foods. Items come with a wax finish that will slow down the subtle color changes, and make them emerge more evenly. If you want to brighten it back up, instead of using traditional chemical-based silver or brass polish, you can use a mixture of equal parts lemon and fine salt, and massage it with the scouring side of a sponge, in a circular motion, with even pressure in a consistent pattern up and down over the whole item. Do not work a single darker spot, 'massage' the whole piece evenly. Item comes with a care card.

  • Brass handle with a copper scoop
  • Size | approx. 7" long x 2" wide
  • Made in Maine
  • Designer | Erica Moody

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