Heorth | Seed Stud Earrings | Mini 24K Gold

An individual seed of pure gold, set delicately on a gold post to create the most unique stud earring that anyone will find.

Please Note: each "seed" is unique as the metalsmith individually drops a piece of molten gold in a bowl of cold water. Therefore whichever shape it takes on, is the shape it's meant to be (like every single being). Each stud earring in a pair is matched as best as possible so a pair is seemingly uniform. The earring image provided on this page may not be exactly like the ones that are shipped to you.

  • Material | 24k (pure) gold + 14k yellow gold post & back
  • Diameter | 1.5 cm (approx.)
  • Finish | matte
  • Handcrafted in Washington, DC 
  • Designer | Heorth

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