Rachel Atherley | Small Lily Pad Pendant in Lapis + 14kg

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountain region of Montana, Rachel Atherley draws inspiration from the natural world. She uses recycled silver and gold and hand selects each stone used in her collection. Using the timeless art of goldsmithing, Rachel thoughtfully constructs each piece in her Hudson Valley, New York studio, with an expertise that ensures every hallmarked creation will be a coveted family heirloom.

The beautiful lapis drop is reminiscent of a lily pad on a pond suspended from a 14kg chain. There are small gold flecks of pyrite in the stone that is highlighted by the 14 karat gold setting. 

  • Material | Lapis, 14kg
  • Size | Pendant .75" L x .5" W, 16" 14kg Chain 
  • Designer | Rachel Atherley

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