Slack Tide Sea Salt

Pure Sea Salt harvested from the waters off the coast of Maine.

Slack Tide uses the freshest clearest ocean waters when pulling water for their sea salt. The water is boat harvested at an incoming tide. No added chemicals, bleach, or anti-caking agents are used so you're getting 100%  pure sea salt from the crisp Maine ocean. 

Maine Flake

Crisp and clean hand-harvested finishing salt. Made in small batches from the deep ocean waters of Maine. Solar evaporated in greenhouses on York's tidal river. Take a pinch and sprinkle over any dish, sweet or savory before serving to add wonderful flavor and texture. 

Bold Coast Blend

An homage to a stunning and rugged part of Maine: the Bold Coast, where the pine trees meet the crashing Atlantic ocean. 

Ideal for rimming the glass of a bloody mary but also great on chicken, fish, potatoes, or even a sprinkle on an oyster. 

A mixture of flaky lemon sea salt, dill, black pepper, Maine sugar kelp, celery seed, mustard, and garlic. 

Upta Camp

Applewood smoked hand-harvested sea salt, made in small batches from the deep ocean waters of Maine.

This salt is a perfect way to bring the smell and flavor of summer by the fire to your kitchen all year long. The salt is gently smoked with apple wood from trees on Slack Tide's salt farm. 

Boon Island Blend

As unforgiving as the rocky ledges of Boon Island, this fiery salt is not for the faint of heart.  Spice up your favorite meat, margaritas, and pasta dishes.  Also great on popcorn! 

Fennel Pollen

Hand-harvested finishing salt mixed with Fennel Pollen, the so-called "Spice of Angels."

  • Size | 3.5 oz- Maine Flake, Boon Island; 3.8 oz- Fennel Pollen; 4 oz- Bold Coast
  • Packaged in a glass jar
  • Style Code | SEASALT
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