Cultura Craft Chocolate- The Best Gift For Christmas

December 12, 2022

Cultura Craft Chocolate- The Best Gift For Christmas

A particular food is said to be "craft" if it has been produced over time with a commitment to perfection or as close to it as possible. In recent times, the term "craft" has been used to describe a number of premium products, including beer, coffee, and chocolate. In the latter situation, the human touch and transformation involved in every component set craft chocolate apart from mass-market chocolate.

Cultura is a type of Latina-owned bean-to-bar chocolate-producing outlet. The brand is the premier Colorado craft chocolate-making company, seeking to produce tasty chocolate that has incredible transparency, accessibility, and sustainability.

How Is The Cultura Brand Inspired To Produce Craft Chocolate?

Cultura aims to honor and promote the history and customs of the communities where cacao originated. Owned and run by Damaris Ronkanen, Cultura Craft Chocolate was motivated by her early visits to her family's hometown in Mexico as a youngster. This main objective and Cultura's commitment to always being inquisitive, never settling, pushing boundaries, and having fun are represented in every aspect of the company. This includes the name, packaging, origins from which the company sources its beans, how it makes chocolate, and how they share its history.

The chocolate industry has recognized Cultura's dedication by bestowing them numerous national and international honors, including the Good Food Award for their 70% Haiti chocolate bar. Cultura is excited to share its incredible chocolate adventure with people like you.

If you go to Ronkanen's Cultura Craft Chocolate, you can order her family's champurrado as a drink. You can also order Brewchata, Cacao Fruit Soda, Drinking Chocolate, and many other delicious drinks.

What Makes Up Cultura Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate consists of three ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, and cinnamon. The cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and is called Ceylon cinnamon. It has a milder flavor than other cinnamons on the market. Cultura craft chocolate tastes different in a good way because cinnamon brings the right amount of spice.

Why Cultura Craft Chocolate Is The Best Christmas gift?

Christmas is a time to share gifts. As we get closer to that wonderful time of the year, you should think of Cultura craft chocolate as a gift for your loved ones because of the following reasons.

Craft chocolate is healthy

A gift of Cultura craft chocolate is not only delicious but also healthy.Cacao contains antioxidants and flavonoids that are beneficial to your heart.

Unlike mass-produced chocolate, craft chocolate has organic cacao that has not been neutralized, so you get the complete health benefit that comes from organic cane sugar, organic cacao, and cinnamon.

cultura choclate drink

It inspires happiness, optimism, and hope.

Chocolate appears to be addictive, in addition to its ability to improve mood.Cultura chocolate, which contains a lot of the antioxidant resveratrol, has been shown to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. So, sending your friend or loved one a delectable Cultura chocolate treat will cheer them up and serve as a reminder that life is delicious the next time they are feeling down.

It is sustainable and benefits the farmers

The beans used to make Cultura Craft Chocolate come directly from farmers or farmer cooperatives that care about the environment and making sure farmers are paid fairly.

It is so comforting

Do you recall receiving a warm cup of chocolate as a child, along with fluffy, squishy marshmallows? Was there any way to feel more at home and appreciated? Those are the occasions that we all cherish. You can do the same for someone else by giving them a gift of tasty, hot Cultura chocolate. A Cultura chocolate hamper will convey your sentiments of care and appreciation, whether you're saying,  "Get well soon," "sorry," or "thank you."

It is passionate

A box of wrapped Cultura craft, heart-shaped chocolate is a thoughtful gift. You can include a personalized message such as "I love you" or "Merry Christmas" when sending it. It never fails to bring the magic of Christmas to the recipient.

It is shareable

A great gift is one that you can share with others. A box of Cultura crafts is shareable with friends and family. It is the perfect gift to pass around when visiting your family’s hometown during Christmas.

Cultura seeks to bring the magic of Christmas to all its customers in Colorado through the accessibility of Ceylon cinnamon-flavored craft chocolate arranged in hampers.

Where to Shop For This Chocolate?

If you are looking to shop for this Cultura craft chocolate with ease, The Phoenix is the right place to be.

The Phoenix is a one-stop store for all things Cultura craft chocolate. In addition to being the best-tasting chocolate in the world, we believe it to be the world's most ethical. We offer all the varieties of cultural chocolate you need, including organic cocoa nibs,  single-origin chocolate chips, award-winning chocolate bars, and more.

The Phoenix is a thoughtfully curated lifestyle brand located in a space that inspires creativity and wanderlust. With online accessibility, buyers can purchase Mexican drinking chocolate in a variety of craft chocolate boxes from The Phoenix. You can call us at 202.338.4404.
or email us at Alternatively, you may visit us at 1514 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20007, from 12 to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.


Whether you enjoy craft chocolate in bar form or drinking chocolate, one thing is for sure: it provides an amazing experience. Your loved ones will surely appreciate it as a gift, and there is only one place to get it in Washington, DC– The Phoenix. Cultura craft chocolate is specifically inspired to make the best cinnamon-flavored craft chocolate.

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