OSKA's Commitment to Sustainability

September 07, 2019

OSKA's Commitment to Sustainability

Continuous, consistent and sustainable use of resources, this is the foundation of OSKA’s mission to sustainability.

Like many modern-day companies, OSKA has taken sizable steps in order to reduce waste, but unlike many sustainable clothing brands, OSKA takes it many steps further, actually all the way back to 1713 when the word sustainable was originated by Hans Carl von Carlowitz who said, "to consume only that which grows back," (speaking specifically about forestry).

OSKA's present day practices still include conservation of forests, however with so much plastic being used, the German clothing brand has found ways to completely eliminate the use of plastic in their packaging. They have also been consistent in finding innovative ways to consume as little energy as possible and to reduce the water used during production.

Above all their quality, with respect to OSKA's garments plus their customer, supplier and employe relationships, equates to undeniable practices in sustainability. A high standard of quality in fabrics and workmanship ensures the garments' durability; and when the team creates designs for future seasons, they keep in mind the importance of a customer's desire to match past seasons' styles with upcoming, all of which allows for continuous use.

We not only love this brand for their unique and well-made garments, we equally love their mission!

Oska Kvinde Pullover

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