Baabaazuzu OwnersSue Burns, Baabaazuzu co-founder, lead designer, and CEO, can thank her husband’s laundry accident for her up-cycled garment line. Her husband mistakenly put her favorite wool sweaters into the dryer, and rather than come to tears, Sue dismantled her beloved wears and transformed them into her now, international brand.

Baabaazuzu came to be in late 1993 after Sue Burns, a gifted graphic designer, cut up the shrunken remains of her favorite sweaters, pieced the fragments together, and made jackets with matching hats for her two young daughters. Once the phone began ringing in high demand of her up-cycled creations, Sue developed an eco-fashion house in Lake Leelanau, Michigan where Baabaazuzu is still designed and created.

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