Boyd’s of Texas Fragrances

Boyd’s of Texas Fragrances

For Her + Him

"The scents we create are warm and intimate. We don't do clean, we don't do soapy. Instead, our goal is to create textured, legacy fragrances that tell a distinct story."

Fragrance is a vehicle for storytelling for Katherine + Lennon Couron, the husband-and-wife team + creators of Boyd’s of Texas. The independent fragrance house works with natural ingredients to create complex scents that usher memories of different places + spaces. The fragrances are made in small batches, and the process is meticulous. The recipes and formulas are Katherine + Lennon's own--created drop by drop and left to cure for months. The two are artisans born of the Southern heat, pollen, and pine trees. Descendants of electricians and bricklayers, they believe in hospitality, humility, hard work, and warmth. 

+ handcrafted in San Antonio, TX     + small-batch    + sustainable practices    + environmentally friendly

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