Graf Lantz

Founders Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz

Founders Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz hold quite distinct and often contradictory points of view; however their shared interest and playfulness with designs in a largely forgotten textile, merino wool felt brought the two together. All pieces are designed and produced in their Los Angeles studio and factory. The founders believe that every item that they create must be built to last years and age with grace. The small company practices a vertical business model, allowing them to make better choices that align with the broader ideas of sustainability. Their L.A. based manufacturing allows Daniel and Holger to have complete control over the production process. For them, quality means more than just a well made bag, it means incorporating everything from where the material is sourced and how it’s made, to how they treat the people whose art, craft and passion transform it into their products.

+ Natural, Biodegradable & Renewable Materials        + Progressive Fair Wage Workplace        + Ethically Made in California (USA)

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