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Poppy Charpentier | Heorth Jewelry

Storytelling through talismans

Introduced to jewelry design and metalsmithing by her grandmother, Heorth's (pronounced hearth) founder Poppy Charpentier grew up with a deep passion for the art. Beyond the physical craft and art of storytelling, legacy and personal myth also inform the designer’s intuitive creative approach. Working with silver, gold, and precious stones, Poppy integrates ancient, experimental, and modern techniques to craft her pieces. She’s inspired to design and create by observing still moments in life, drawing on memories, and listening to the materials with which she works. Poppy believes that each decision we make as consumers ripples through the environment and the lives of others with either positive or negative effects; therefore Heorth solely sources recycled or Fairmined precious metals, conflict-free gemstones, and lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown (GIA-certified) diamonds are created using advanced technology which replicates the natural method of diamond formation; they hold the exact same characteristics as natural ones, both in strength and sparkle.

+ made in Washington, DC   + handcrafted in-studio   + sustainable practices   + recycled & conflict-free materials