Julie Cohn Design

Julie CohnAs a self-taught jewelry artist, Julie Cohn's approach is unconventional in process, she begins by working directly with materials rather than sketching a preconceived idea. She finds inspiration in nature, primitive ethnic forms, indigenous crafts, and old-world processes. Her pieces are about possibilities for layering and stacking to create personal collages that uniquely juxtapose disparate elements with simple elegance.

Her studio in Dallas functions as an artistic collective where she mentors young artists to see the possibilities of parlaying their talents into art-centric careers. Working together, they learn the complexities of making products by hand, collaborate in the artistic process, problem-solve fabrication, and observe the trials and tribulations of bringing handmade products to the marketplace. Her goal is to inspire young artists to learn how to connect the dots, take forks in the road and use their skills to create an artful life.

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