Julie Cohn Design

Julie Cohn Design

Limited edition pieces- for a limited time!

We have created a virtual Trunk Show with Julie Cohn's hand-fabricated bronze art adornments. Please note that these pieces will be shipped directly from the artist (in Texas).

Julie Cohn’s creative endeavors have come together to form her unique vision and aesthetic, characterized by the tension between rough and refined, primitive and modern, ultimately paring things down to their essence. She finds inspiration in nature, primitive ethnic forms, indigenous crafts and old world processes. Her pieces are about possibilities for layering and stacking to create personal collages that uniquely juxtapose disparate elements with simple elegance. Each piece is hand-forged in bronze and at times Julie uses sterling silver as an accent material, as well as semi-precious stones and pearls.
+ Handcrafted  + Sustainable Practices  + Woman-Owned  + Made in Dallas, TX