Mercado Global

Mercado GlobalRedefining the industry one bag at a time. Mercado Global is a Brooklyn-based accessory brand + non-profit that empowers rural Latin American women to become entrepreneurs. The organization's Community-Based Education program provides training and workshops in local languages. This continued learning, paired with income-earning opportunities, enables women to become confident leaders, in charge of family health, finances, and education. Through donor-funded business education and leadership programs, the brand helps women create community businesses to support themselves and their families. By designing collections for the international market while using traditional local weaving techniques, they are changing the status quo for women, communities, and the industry. With Mercado Global’s holistic approach to poverty alleviation, women are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and becoming entrepreneurs in their own right. Timeless Traditions: The process of weaving in Guatemala dates back centuries. The skilled hands of the Mayans have been weaving for over 2,000 years and to this day, traditional methods are still used. Traditional weaving has remained symbolic to our partner artisans because of its Mayan heritage and the value it holds to the weaver. Mercado Global's partner artisans weave using two traditional methods: the traditional backstrap loom or the foot loom.  

+ Handmade in Guatemala    + Socially Sustainable    + Non-Profit Organization     + Women-led

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