Printfresh FounderPrintfresh was founded in 2017 by textile designer and fashion entrepreneur Amy Voloshin. The brand's sleepwear, accessories, and stationery are designed in Philadelphia and produced by their partners in India, where they travel biannually to develop new products and gather inspiration for future collections. Using hand-screen printed cotton crafted by environmentally and socially conscious artisans in Jaipur, India, the wearer can find the complexity in design, seamless craftsmanship, and comfort in each garment. Additionally, we *love* the symbolic stories behind each print- i.e. the Tiger Queen represents fearsome, strong, and protective, with graceful femininity that carries us through the day. The feminine sensuality and power of the Hindu deity Durga are reflected in the striking design of the Tiger Queen, as she surveys her kingdom, her land, and her subjects with warm curiosity.

+ Designed in Philadelphia, PA   + Handcrafted in Jaipur, India   + Sustainable Business & Production Practices   + Woman-Owned & Led   + Certified Sedex Company

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