Sidai Designs

sidai designs

Sidai Designs' guiding values: Empowering women- supporting women in their community by creating a sense of purpose + hope through sustainable employment. The power of art + creativity- this increases opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment, increases a sense of self-esteem, and builds social capital. Educating a woman is educating a village- when a woman is educated, it’s more likely that she will educate her children, which in turn benefits the community as a whole. Preserving traditions- the preservation of cultural heritage and beading skills of the Maasai that have been their mark of beauty and prosperity for centuries. Staying true to their traditions enriches their craft and community, across the board. Environmental awareness- the brand limits its impact by using mostly recycled materials and educating the women about the importance of preserving the land. Fair wages- paying a fair income that allows the women to cover not only their basic needs and medical expenses but also education for their children and savings for their families. Sustainable development- providing a long-term solution to poverty by creating employment opportunities.