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All natural sea sponges are a luxurious and eco-friendly upgrade to plastic shower puffs. A gentler way to get clean, these sea sponges are soft and safe enough to use on a baby while still delivering an invigorating scrub and exfoliation.

Sustainably sourced from Greece, Nectar Republic selected the biodegradable "Grass" variety of sponge for its luxurious feel as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Grass sponges are slightly less absorbent than others but they create a dreamy lather. The soft texture is ideal for sensitive skin, and is even safe enough to use on infants.

Tip to help prevent bacteria growth: Disinfect your sponge monthly by soaking it in a cup of warm water with several drops of tea tree essential oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

  • Size | 5"-5.5"
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable
  • Style Code | 640841663127
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