Armando Jiménez

Armando Jimenez

Fabulous + Fun Woodcarvings by the legendary Jiménez family de Oaxaca

Armando Jiménez is the grandson of the master woodcarver Manuel Jiménez of San Antonio Arrazola, a town in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Armando's grandfather Manuel is known as the Father of Oaxacan Woodcarving and put the small farming village on the slopes of Monte Alban on the map with collectors such as Nelson Rockefeller. The Jiménez family are masters at creating carefully carved + vividly painted one-of-a-kind creatures. The family works closely together to bring their creations to life with Armando carving the animals from copal wood and then goes to the hands of his wife Antonia, who carries out the painting process where she chooses bright, near-neon colors with a variety of patterns that includes lines, dots, and symbols derived from the Zapotec civilization. The family is making sculptures with the same love for the craft and technique that his grandfather did, with his son Alejandro passing along the family's skills and passion to children in their community.


+ hand-carved & painted in-studio    + made in Oaxaca, Mexico    + family owned & operated

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