Chipita Accessories has been creating jewelry for over 40 years.

Chipita is based in Walsenburg, in beautiful Southern Colorado, where it has its design studio and where each piece is handcrafted by local artisans. It is proud to have maintained its production in the U.S. and provide employment to the local economy.

Chipita searches far and wide for the very best components, from precious and semi-precious stones, to rare vintage glass, Swarovski crystal, Sterling Silver, Gold fill, 18K Vermeil, various metals with unique surface treatments, and unusual and beautiful parts collected over the years. Each necklace, earring or bracelet is designed individually with an eye for intricate detail and/or color.

Designer and owner Joan Eagle, grew up in New Jersey and came out west in 1969. Living in the mountains of the Southwest and inspired by local beauty and crafts, Joan began making jewelry in the 1970's as her newest hobby. This craft evolved into the business Chipita has today.