Judi Powers

Judi Powers Inspired by the natural world

Judi Powers lives + works in New York's Hudson River Valley. This is where the designer + metalsmith transforms organic shapes and colors into wearable pieces that are comfortable, effortless, and timeless. The sense of touch informs Judi Powers' creations; she describes herself as obsessed with the feeling of things and the process of translating that feeling into something sculptural + unique. She finishes her 14k + 18k jewelry with a proprietary soft finish she calls the Cashmere Finish®, inspired by the lush and luxurious feel of cashmere. She works exclusively with recycled and reclaimed precious metals + conflict-free diamonds and stones. Judi aims to work as sustainably as possible and uses Fairmined™ recycled, and ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones to fabricate her work.

+ handcrafted in Hudson, NY      + small-batch      + woman-owned      + sustainable practices